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Mahfouz, J., King*, K., & James*, L. (2021). Lessons from the storm: Emotions, meaning-making and leadership during transition. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher.   

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Guest Co-Editor for Special Issues of Peer-Reviewed Journals


Pollock, K., Wang, F., & Mahfouz, J. (Guest Editorial) (2020). School administrators’ wellbeing and mindfulness [Special issue]. Journal of Educational Administration, 58(4), 389 – 399.    

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters


Hayes, S.D. & Mahfouz, J. (2021). Conducting case study research internationally using technology resources. SAGE Research Methods Cases. Newbury Park, CA: SAGE publishing.

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Policy Briefs & Reports


Mahfouz, J., King, K., Kotok, S. (2021). Soul of Leadership Courage, Presence, and Integrity: An Evaluative report 2020- 2021.


Mahfouz, J., Greenberg, M.T., & Rodriquez, A. (2019). Principal’s social and emotional competence: A key factor for creating schools. Edna Bennet Pierce Prevention Research Center, Pennsylvania State University.

(Conference Proceedings)


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Non-peer Reviewed Publications

(Professional Journals)


Greenberg, M.T., Mahfouz, J., Davis, M., & Turksma, C. (2019). Social emotional learning for principals: Strengthening leadership and wellbeing. (December 2019). Education Canada, 59(4), 18 – 21. Retrieved from

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